The Twilight Call is an ability bestowed only to the highest-ranking members of the Twilight Dragon-Flight and is a Draconic gift rather than a true Twilight Force ability: for this reason it does not risk Twilight Corruption and can not be used by those without draconic heritage (unless they utilize the blood of dragons or similar forbidden magic).


The Twilight Call allows the user to summon forth Twilight Dragons from afar, often the user emits a terrible roar but this is largely symbolic as the Twilight Dragons can home into the "Call" from across dimensional space - opening portals in order to arrive.


As a summoning ability the Twilight Call deals no damage to an opponent, it is also only capable of calling forth dragons belonging to the Twilight-Realm and can only be utilized by high-ranking members of that realm's dragon-flight.

Known Users

  • Inferno Pendragon
  • Kaosa
  • Sangria