Stellakinesis is the ability to manipulate raw cosmic energy and utilize it to alter reality as one sees fit, it is also known as Dimensional-Control. There are four tiers to the Stellakinesis Set. Mastery of a higher-tiered Stellakinesis ability is accompanied by mastery of all previous-tiered abilities in the same set.

Stellakinesis Set

  1. Stellar - Tier I
  2. Cosmic - Tier II
  3. Celestial - Tier III
  4. Godhead - Tier IV


  • creation and destruction of small wormholes, vortexes or gateways - allowing transport between worlds and dimensions. (low to mid-tier)
  • creation and destruction of pocket dimensions. (mid-tier)
  • manipulation of planetary phenomena and universal forces (high-tier)
  • limited omnipotence, omnipresnece and even omniscience (high-tier)
  • ascension (high-tier)