Shadowkinesis is the ability to manipulate darkness and shadows. There are four tiers to the Shadowkinesis Set. Mastery of a higher-tiered Shadowkinesis ability is accompanied by mastery of all previous-tiered abilities in the same set.

In the case of shadowkinesis, it is not necessarily literal shadow that the user manipulates. Rather, the force that the user manipulates is more aligned towards an abstract force of darkness; like a literal projection or manifestation of the user's negativity, for example.

Shadowkinesis Set

Tier I: Blot

  • Weak control over shadow-force.

Tier II: Veil

  • Basic control over shadow-force.

Tier III: Shade

  • Strong control over shadow-force.

Tier IV: Pitch

  • Formidible control over shadow-force.


  • creation of semisolid constructs out of shadow, transformation into 2-dimensional "shadows" (low to mid-tier)
  • creation of advanced shadow-constructs, localised areas of darkness (mid-tier)
  • localised eclipses, advanced shadow-constructs, creation of "shadow" realms (high-tier)
  • creation of "shadow" realms, large-scale eclipses, advanced shadow-constructs (high-tier)
  • mastery over all darkness-based phenomena (high-tier)