Primal Chaos is a lethal, uncontrollable, and semi-sentient power that has the ability to change anything it comes into contact with. It is in Class A of the Reality Warping tiers. It is unknown if it is related to the power of Chaos that constitutes one-half of the Balance.

There is no known means to control this power, as all those who have obtained it have become broken or better-off-dead. Once it infects an area, it spreads rapidly like a plague, consuming all that it comes in contact with.

The extent of the power of primal chaos is nearly limitless. For example, a space-cloud consumed in a mass of primal chaos can spontaneously transform into a giant alien cat or something else entirely. It is entirely random, and nearly always destructive, and even capable of modifying the dimensions of both space and time, creating pocket realms with more than three spatial and one temporal dimension.

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