The following is a list of Power Types in order to help categorize the Power Base accordingly - please be sure to categorize your power into the relevant Power Type:- please do NOT add new Power Types to this list without admin approval.

Specific Powers

abilities that are only used by specific characters - also known as "Techniques" (for example "Misery's Stare" or "Hearts of Darkness" etc)

  • Misery Stare (unique to Misery, variants have been seen in beings born of Misery)


States are abilities that put a character into an altered-existence (for example astral-projection etc)

  • Incarnation (physical manifestations of otherworldly beings)
  • Manifestation (ethereal manifestations of otherworldly beings)
  • Astral Projection (travelling via the astral-plane)


any abilities that are designed for the purpose of travel rather than defense or offense (for example flight etc)

  • Stellar Flight (ability to fly in space)
  • Winged Flight (ability to fly via wings)
  • True Flight (ability to fly without external aid)


any abilities which require range in order to be effective - such as bolts, beams, bullet-type attacks and so forth.


abilities designed to absorb rather than cause damage or protect oneself and/or ones allies from harm.


Abilities designed to deal damage to opponents - the exact opposite of a Defensive Ability.


Abilities that require close-range in order to be effective - the exact opposite of a Ranged Ability.


Abilities which feeds off cosmic or spiritual energy rather than more traditional magic or inborn abilities.


Abilities powered by mystical energies - whether they be Light (benefitial), Dark (harmful) or Grey (neutral) in origin.

  • Magikinesis (ability to naturally absorb / control mystic energy)
  • Omni-Magic (ability to master most forms of magic at will)
  • Malefic (mastery of the "dark arts" (curses etc) )


Abilities that deal with manipulating living cells or organic matter.

  • Biokinesis (ability to manipulate the biological world)
  • Superhuman Strength (ability to display inhuman physical strength)


Abilities that call upon the power of elements (both the traditional "four elements" of legend and exotic elements)

  • Pyrokinesis (ability to manipulate / generate heat and flame)
  • Terrakinesis (ability to manipulate seismic phenomena)
  • Hydrokinesis (ability to manipulate / generate water and liquid)
  • Aerokinesis (ability to manipulate / generate air and weather)