The Mark of Abbadon is a curse that is bound to the citizens of Empyrea who have knowingly committed a horrid act of treachery, namely involving the murder of kin or close friend. What the "mark" is differs amongst the seven species, pertaining to the corresponding vice that Abbadon claims they represent.

Remorse can partially cure one of their Mark, yet a portion of it will forever remain with them.

  • Succubi (lust) become phantom-like, and develop a burning appetite for sexual intercourse. Can drain the energy of those they are intimately involved with.
  • Lycans (gluttony) are forced to undergo painful transformations into voracious beasts upon the light of a full moon.
  • Gorgons (avarice) gain the Eye of Medusa, which turns all who look upon it into stone.
  • Wraiths (sloth) are reduced to wandering ghosts that cannot speak intelligibly and are twisted into a fearsome image.
  • Vampires (wrath) become more bestial in nature, and develop a thirst for blood and violence.
  • Wisps (envy) turn pure white or pitch black in coloration, and gain greater power over blood and shadow magic. They may also become empathetically parasitic.
  • Humans (pride) become marked with a brand upon their foreheads and are compelled to wander the earth.

Bearers of the Mark